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Fresh tray

Fresh tray





Some people will have doubts, we buy fruit, there will be such a question, that is, fruit packaging and direct transport over it Why do we need to divide small boxes? Some food products also have pallets. As a businessman, he must be thinking, on the one hand, although I use pallets to pack, the cost of transportation has also increased, so my loss cost will be correspondingly reduced When my loss is less than the cost of shipping plus food packaging products, then my loss is a very small part, which is why merchants package their goods in transit This phenomenon is particularly evident in the fruit market. Well, there are several packaging methods in the market. Now let's introduce them to you. Market common vegetable and fruit packaging way has.

      1. set of Foam Net pressure-resistant earthquake.
      2. Wrap plastic bags or plastic film to prevent evaporation.
      3. waxing to prevent water evaporation, increase the surface gloss.
      4. Wrap paper, wash damp, and keep fruit surfaces dry.
      5. Paper Mould for box packing, or plastic box, pressure proof and shock proof. What are the common fresh packaging, which packaging best?

According to the characteristics of different fruits, choose one or more different packaging, such as oranges, peel easily evaporation water, so often used to wrap or wax, such as oranges, plastic film, Lemons, oranges, Pomelos, etc. The same goes for peeled coconuts, papayas, Lotus seeds, apples, pears, etc. .

Easy to impact the impact of such as quality will set foam net or special paper mold, such as apple, mango, avocado, Loquat, Kiwi, strawberry and so on. High-end delicate will use a small plastic box, such as blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and so on.

Some fruits, such as grapes, crystal pears, pomegranates, figs, and so on, can be kept dry by wrapping them in paper. Fruit has a lot of nutrients, each kind of fruit has its own function. We used to go to the market, the supermarket to buy fruit are packed in plastic bags. In those days, it seemed so natural to carry plastic bags in large bags and small bags. But the development of society now you sell a bag of fruit with a colorful plastic bag, more or less will show some incongruity. In addition, plastic bags are not easy to decompose, the environmental damage is large. Plastic bags have been banned in recent years. So now the fruit packaging has been replaced with a more environmentally friendly, more healthy, fruit blister packaging box.

Fruit Blister packaging, many people may not be particularly familiar with the term. Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. . Answer: In simple terms, you may know it. In the supermarket you will not see a lot of fruit are using a transparent box, or a tray of vegetables and so on These, AH, are the new packaging of fruit now, the fruit blister packaging box. The fruit blister box is made of plastic, but it's made of healthy, colorless, odorless packaging material.

The use of fresh meat trays can greatly increase the shelf life of meat. 1. The shelf life of chilled meat can be significantly prolonged by the packaging of fresh tray. The higher the carbon dioxide content is, the fresher the meat will be. But the increase of oxygen content will lead to the rapid propagation of aerobic microorganisms, which will lead to the decline of the quality of cold meat and shorten the shelf life.

2. Therefore, the shelf life of chilled meat which has been matured for 8 days under low temperature and then modified atmosphere packaging has been extended for 12 days by using the mixed gas with different proportion and fresh tray packaging.