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2021-01-18 09:45:31
Annual Company meeting
Annual meeting preparation (1) material identification company main production materials, such as: PVC, PET, PP, PS and other materials. To Ppt public or host holding to identify employees. The employee who answers correctly in the fastest time will receive a red envelope of yuan. (2) Machine Operation Procedures slicing operation flow: divided into six steps 1: Check the water source, the power source is normal, and turn on the water and electricity. 2: Set the length of the slice. 3: Select the appropriate mould to install and fix. 4: Prepare slices. 5: First Product Inspection. 6: Normal Production. (3) stamping safety operation stamping operation flow: divided into six steps 1: Clean The table and check the equipment. 2: view the Order Reconciliation Stencil. 3: POWER ON EQUIPMENT AND FUEL PUMP START UP. 4: Device pressure test. 5: Check templates and labels. 6: Operate properly and control product quality. (4) use of fire safety fire hydrants: There are five steps 1: Fire hydrants are common fire-fighting facilities with a protection radius of 30 meters, including 20 meters of length of water strip and 10 meters of water column. 2: Open the fire hydrant door, press the internal fire button, button can alarm and start the fire pump. 3: If there are more than two people at the scene, then one person is responsible for connecting the head of the gun and the water bag and running to the point of fire, another person connected with the water belt and the valve. 4: After connecting the valve, open the valve counterclockwise to let the water jet can be. 5: If the electrical fire is to cut off the power supply, if the scene is complex, the rapid use of fire hydrant fire, while paying attention to their own safety, reduce unnecessary injuries. Dry Powder fire extinguisher use: divided into six steps 1, use the bottle to reverse the body several times, loosen the dry powder in the cylinder, then remove the lead seal, remove the safety pin, hold the nozzle in your left hand, hold the pressure handle in your right hand, press the handle with your right hand two meters away from the flame, and swing the nozzle from side to side with your left hand, spray dry powder to cover the burning area, until the fire is completely put out (5) basic judgment of defective products: divided into four steps 1: SURFACE CLEAN NO SPOTS 2: uniform thickness no damage. 3: Plastic in place without a cord. 4: Uniform Color without distortion. (5) Game Link 1: TEAR PAPER TOWELS GAME RULES: a paper towel with the mouth to another person. Participants: All staff objective: to enhance the sense of teamwork. There are no rewards in this game. 2: Musical chairs game rules: 6 people standing around five chairs in a circle, one music. The music plays, the music stops to see who gets the seat. One person at a time, and then one chair at a time. And so on and so on until the last person wins. Prize: The last prize is yuan. MUSIC: FADE3: Top balloon game rules: Rules of the middle pull a line two people a pair of top balloon, the balloon fell to the ground for the loser. REWARD: The winning group will receive yuan in red envelopes. Music: Da Tian Hou Sheng Zai 4: Grab the Red Envelope game rules: place five stools in the middle and place the prizes, the host shouts the ear, the nose, the mouth, the shoulder and other body movements the participants must make the corresponding movement, only when the supporters shout for the prize can they grab the red envelope on the stool. Bonus: A red envelope of yuan. Music: Ng Something U Hng 5: Relay Game Rules: Rule 15 meters distance, head book legs folder paper. The group that takes the least amount of time wins. REWARD: The winning group gets Yuan. MUSIC: Ke CAP GAP B A GIA6: Shake ping-pong game rules: the Jar with the ping-pong ball tied around the waist, shake out the most is the winner. Bonus: roll up to five dollars. Roll up any $10 or less. Roll up any $15 or less. Shake out all the reward dollars. MUSIC: SAMSARA7: push the bottle game rules: table a certain distance from the red envelope, players push the bottle stopped in which area to receive the red envelope. Prize: Yuan for participation less than one meter. 1 meter ——1.2 yuan in red envelopes. 1.2 M-- 1.5 m area to receive, Yuan Hongbao. 1.5 M-- 2 m area to receive, Yuan Hongbao. MUSIC: Inside the LINES8: a balloon with a cup in its mouth. Finish the cup on the table. Bonus: the winner gets the least amount of time spent. VOWELS: World Class. 9: RED ENVELOPE MUSIC: My dream
2019-11-22 17:05:00
Fresh tray
Some people will have doubts, we buy fruit, there will be such a question, that is, fruit packaging and direct transport over it Why do we need to divide small boxes?
2019-11-22 16:51:00
Self-heating hotpot lunch box
Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing hot pot lunch boxes, which are mainly divided into two parts Lunch boxes and heating packs the main ingredients of heating packs
2019-11-22 16:42:00
Company profile
Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, specializingin the production of polymer materials (PVC, ABS, PP, PET, PS), vacuumforming and suction (Tray) deep processing, thi